Research: latest achievements

We support research that tangibly improves outcomes for babies.

In 2016/17

  • We received 60 new requests for support with neonatal research projects
  • We are currently involved in over £10.1 million* of vital, life-changing neonatal research
  • We also posted 30 research-related social media posts with several reaching over 50,000 people

This means we were able to put families at the heart of research by sharing important finding and connecting our network of parents with researchers.

*Please note: This is the value of projects Bliss has supported over a few years and not just in 2016/17.

Why is this important?

Less than one per cent of health research and development in the UK is spent on maternal and perinatal health and, when research does take place, parents' experiences are not always represented.

Bliss has been involved in pioneering neonatal research and is dedicated to championing the voices of parents. Find out more about how we support research.

How does it make a difference?

Julia Petty, Senior Lecturer in Children's Nursing at University of Hertfordshire, says: "Bliss gave me insight into my own practice and communication with parents and raised my own awareness of what they go through over a significant length of time.

"Bliss enabled and helped my own reflexivity which is an essential part of qualitative research such as mine.”"